Show me your Shenanigans~ And I'll show you mine.

Skateboarding and Shenanigans, Create and Skate. What does skateboarding mean to you? For us, it's the representation of the backyard heroes, those who most likely could out skate some of the pros. The skaters that have their own following. From the small town, city skateparks, where ever the sweet skate spots are found, these skaters are relentless.

Traveled coast to coast, to the Islands and back. Met up with some talent. Unbelievable talent. We tell you, the heart of our backyard heroes cannot be compared, they are what every pro skater started out as.

Every board that is made is handmade, no Chinese crap, in California. We source our boards through a small family shop in Huntington Beach. Your board is pressed, shaped, graphic heat transferred individually.  It takes a few days, depending on the quantity of orders but the end result is a SoCal premium skateboard. (We do take dealer orders, just send us an email.)

Shenanigans Boardshop is a proud sponsor to Collegiate Skate Tour, Oakland University and Skateistan.

Through our travels we have appreciated the artistry within our communities. Graffiti in the D to KC, watched as a local New Yorker wrapped fossils using 2,000 yr old jewerly technique, explored museums of art and garden exhibits for inspiration and reflection. Meeting those who created and gave back to a cause whether in their own community or outside. Our vendors are local, small shop to main stream, all with one focus, a better world to skate and live in.

Angel Funder for Bureo, Today is Art Day, Alyssa Parker Productions, and Michelle V CCS.

The new collection: Kinamalie is currently taking in pre-orders. The order will take aprox. 1-2 weeks.



Surrounded by shenanigans® most my life in Costa Mesa. Boards, art, skateboarding and shenanigans® = #skaterslife